W.E.B. United, LLC provides you with quality you can depend on! We pride ourselves in providing our customers with professional workmanship, personalized service and competitive pricing that you can count on and afford. Feel free to contact us at 561-876-8550 to inquire about the services provided by W.E.B. United, LLC.

  • Forklift for moving pallets
  • Standard bucket: moving soil, sand or gravel also used for leveling and grading purposes
  • Grappling bucket: for debris removal such as down trees, construction materials and yard/ land cleanup.
  • Tree Puller: used for removing or relocating trees
  • Other attachments can be obtained with 10-14 day lead time

Property owners need to be aware that BobCats are small powerful machines with a great deal of torque in a very small turning radius. This type of power and mobility could produce damage to surfaces such as grass, gravel or any other loosely packed surfaces.

If you happen to live in an HOA community make sure you have the proper approval before the job stars to avoid any delays. Keep in mind some communities have noice ordinances and our machines are diesel powered and run at a higher decibel then gas powered equipment.