Trenching and Drainage Services
Trenching and Drainage Services

Trenching is a service W.E.B. United provides for residential and commercial properties which could include but is not limited to

  • Trench drains to remove stagnate water from around your house
  • Trenching for electrical lines, plumbing, gas lines and irrigation for your lawn
  • Removal of stumps and roots to prepare yard/ground leveling

We will need access to the work location with our equipment to minimize any hand digging. When necessary we can remove plants, fence posts and/or gates to gain entrance to the site. In most cases our equipment is suited for slightly confined spaces due to its smaller size. We can also provide and or remove soil and or gravel when needed.

There is preparation that need to be done before moving forward with any project. We highly recommend that all property owners or managers call 811 to have all underground utilities marked to minimize the risk of damaging any underground services.

Proof of insurance will be provided upon request.